Monday, 25 July 2011

Supporters Plan Birthday Bash for Thaksin

The Pheu Thai Party and its supporters throughout the country are planning a huge bash to celebrate the 62nd birthday of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra tomorrow.

Pheu Thai MP Singthong Buachum held a press conference to announce plans for the 62nd birthday bash for Thaksin Shinawatra tomorrow.

The celebration is centered on the theme of 'Bringing the good guy back.'

Singthong stated that a separate ceremony will be held in all four regions of the country.

In the central region, participants will make merit and pray for the former PM at Kaew Fah Temple in Nonthaburi Province.

He stressed that the event has nothing to do with the Pheu Thai Party and the red-shirt group.

However, the Pheu Thai Party has also scheduled merit-making for Thaksin at the same temple on the same day.

The event's organizer, Pairat Chaicharn, said participants will give alms to 109 monks.

At the same time, Thaksin has also sent his offerings to the monks from Dubai.

Pairat confirmed his event is a collaboration between the Pheu Thai Party and the red-shirt group.

He added that Thaksin has prepared a big surprise for his supporters on his birthday.

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