Wednesday, 3 August 2011

City Braces for Possible Floods

People along the Chao Phraya River are taking precautions to protect themselves and belongings from possible flash floods while the Drainage and Sewerage Department director insists that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is capable of handling the flood situation.

Experts have predicted that the huge amounts of water are going to swamp Bangkok after storm Nok Ten has swept past the country.

Consequently, people along the Chao Phraya River are rushing to move their possessions to higher grounds.

People are becoming concerned as the water level have risen dramatically.

Meanwhile, Drainage and Sewerage Department Director Sanya Shenimitra said that overall, there is nothing to be worried about as the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has already taken precautionary measures, including distributing three million sandbags that will be stacked up to make flood walls.

He expressed confidence that Bangkok would not be severely affected by the swelling river flow.

However, he warned people in many communities along the river to brace for possible inundation.

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