Friday, 17 June 2011

Brother of Lop Buri candidate gunned down in Bangkok

A brother of a Bhum Jai Thai Party candidate for Lop Buri was gunned down in a broad day light in Chanasongkram district on Wednesday. Police believed the attack was politically motivated.

Subhan Jirapanwanich, 53, a chairman of Tambon Administration Organisation in Lop Buri was rushed to nearby Washirapayabaran Hospital, but he was later pronounced dead.

Police were alerted at about 2.45pm about the attack which took place near Lottery Bureau of Thailand on Khao Sarn road.

The victim's wife and secretary were also wounded.

His sister; Malikha, was competing for a parliamentary seat in Lop Buri under the banner of Bhum Jai Thai Party.

Some reports stated that Subhan had told some reporters that he was followed and could possibly be a target of assassination by local politicians.

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