Sunday, 12 June 2011

Tour operators concerned about noisy Russian tourists

Lack of diversity can lead to problems

BANGKOK: -- According to reports a leading Scandinavian tour operator is concerned that the growing dominance of some nationalities in Phuket and Pattaya can cause difficulties for other guests and urged hotels to diversify the nationalities to which they market.

Christian Clemens, CEO of TUI Nordic, a leading Scandinavian tour operator, said that European guests who preferred a peaceful atmosphere and wanted to learn more about the local culture have been unhappy with the growing dominance of one particular nationality. Given the makeup of tourism in Pattaya, it would appear the CEO is referring to the growing number of Russian tourists coming to Thailand.

The company is targeting hotels that cater almost exclusively to Scandinavians in order to avoid the cultural clashes that seem to be occurring.

According to ATOR Analytical Service, the number of Russian tourists visiting Thailand is showing high growth with the number of Russians visiting in January high season up 48% from the previous year.

Thailand's biggest competition in the future will be the Caribbean, particularly Mexico, said Mr Clemens.

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