Thursday, 2 June 2011

Pheu Thai MP Candidate Lie down in Coffin for Good Luck

Pheu Thai constituency MP candidates lied down in coffins ahead of the election, believing that it will bring them good luck and will protect them from any violence during the election campaign.

Pheu Thai Nonthaburi MP candidates, Nitad Srinon, Udomdetch Ratanasatien, Walaiporn Archariyaprasit, Montri Tungcharoentavorn, and Chalong Riewrang recently made merit at Takien Temple in Bangkruay Subdistrict in Nonthaburi Province.

All five MP candidates lied down in coffins, believing this will bring them luck in the general election scheduled for July 3.

They also asked for amulets to protect them from any violence that may break out during the election campaign.

Chalong said in an interview that making merit can get rid of ill fortune and provides candidates with moral support.

Many Thais believe that lying down in coffins signify being reborn, which will bring them a turnaround from bad to good fortune.

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